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The inspiration for Aleo was born from a meeting of minds across the globe.

A desire to connect people through artisan craftmanship, understated luxury and contemporary aesthetics drove the formation of the brand. Guided by our slow fashion approach, we are focused on creating playful modern shapes that are as original as they are timeless. 


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Bon Bon Bag - TaupeBon Bon Bag - Taupe
Bon Bon Bag - Taupe Sale price$379.00
Match Box Bag - PumiceMatch Box Bag - Pumice
Match Box Bag - Pumice Sale price$319.00
Mini Match Box Bag - PineappleMini Match Box Bag - Pineapple
Darlo Bag - TaupeDarlo Bag - Taupe
Darlo Bag - Taupe Sale price$279.00