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I first experienced the elation of baking as a young girl visiting my grandparents in Paris. That joy of transforming carefully selected ingredients into a miraculously satisfying whole never left me, and as I grew up, the kitchen became my domain.

In 2010 in Auckland, New Zealand, I made a life-changing decision and I officially became The Caker. Since then I’ve grown a cult following for my recipe books, baking kits, and made-to-order cakes.

My ethos is informed by my love of home baking and something my grandparents told me when I started: you cakes should taste EVEN better than they look, and that is what I’ve become known for.

I use Belgian couverture chocolate and pack my cakes full of fruit so every bite is as heavenly as the one before. All of my recipes contain ground almonds to replace some or all of the flour, lending a beautiful texture and creating a more wholesome, moist, and sumptuous cake. To decorate, my signature look is simply a selection of fresh flowers. There is no food coloring or fondant around here.

I run The Caker with my partner in crime, my sister, Anouk. She joined me after learning a career in law wasn’t quite for her, and we’ve never looked back. Sister rule.

X Jordan

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